Welcome to your future hAUS!

UBC houses over 14,000 proud and fastidious Arts students spread across nearly the entirety of its campus. Yet there exists no centralized location from which the diversified Arts student constituency can operate out from. We plan to solve this vacuum of centralization by constructing the Arts Student Centre. This project is a proposed building drafted from the minds of students from the very faculty from which it derives its name. In 2013, Arts students voted on a referendum to fund the building of the Arts Student Centre through an annual fee. In 2017, UBC’s Faculty of Arts donated $2.5 million dollars towards the project. With the faculty and student’s voices and input, the ASC will be a standalone building that has found a home at the intersection of East Mall and Walter Gage Road. In the heart of campus, it purports itself to be a student hub that will bring together the vast swath of different academic interests that are ensconced under the academic wing belonging to the Arts.

The ASC Purpose

The Arts Student Centre has a multifaceted mission and purpose. It will serve as the centre piece for the many Arts students at UBC, as well as creating a tangible, physical legacy for all Arts students’ past, present and future.  Most importantly however, it will enhance the Arts students’ university experience academically, socially and recreationally as both a formal and informal learning space. That is no small feat for a faculty with an upwards of 80 different possible degrees to major in. Factor in the 14,000 arts undergraduate students at UBC, and you have a tall task to take on.

It’s not just a building, it’s an integral touchstone for every Arts student who has studied, or will study at UBC.

How will the ASC achieve this colossal undertaking?

By implementing the countless inputs, small and large, from the very students who voted for its construction. Arts students envisioned not just a building for themselves, but a stunning visual focal point for both UBC and the Arts academia. The wooden and glass structure will be over 10,000 sq. ft of space for Arts students to take full advantage of in whichever way suits their needs best.

The ASC will not only be home to the Arts students, but also provide them with opportunity and availability. From the students needing a place of peace to write their latest paper, to a group-organized free yoga session in the streaming sunlight, to even a colloquium discussing the latest academic breakthrough, the ASC will house all of these particular events — and more. It’s a building for the students, designed by the students, funded by the students.  

Rendering from Leckie Studio

Rendering from Leckie Studio