The Arts Students Centre. It is a standalone building that has been in the works for a long time. The site has been claimed, drafts have been created, and paperwork has been filed.

But who cares?

Why do we need another building on campus, more construction, more money to be spent?

Because this is for us. This is to solidify our Arts identity, to provide us with a space that is exclusively ours. It will be the student hub that will bring together Arts students from across all different departments. It will give us more silent study space, more space to wolf down our meals between classes, more social space to host crazy parties, more space to have weekly yoga classes —  and so much more.

This is the answer to your needs. IKB too full? Head on over to the Arts Student Centre for a quiet study space equipped with outlets for your laptop and comfortable seating. Envision a space for commuter students who can now feel at home in between classes. Envision a place that will make you proud to be an Arts students, and help build a legacy that will benefit us and Arts students to come for generations.

Show us your support, voice your concerns, ask your questions below.

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